Employees hit Apple, Nike, others with employment lawsuits

Close-up of a judge's hands holding a wooden nail, representing employment lawsuits.Close-up of a judge's hands holding a wooden nail, representing employment lawsuits.
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Overview of employment lawsuits:

  • WHO: Employees have recently submitted lawsuit against Apple TV, Amazon, Nike, Smoothstack and Walmart.
  • Why: Complaints include alleged improper wages, failure to accommodate breastfeeding mothers, discrimination, monetary penalties and biometric privacy law violations.
  • Where: Class actions were filed in US federal courts.

Workers have recently filed complaints against companies for employment-related concerns, including failure to pay properly, discrimination, failure to accommodate and violations of the biometric privacy law.

The class action alleges that Apple TV, Amazon Studios failed to properly pay background actors

An actor filed a class action lawsuit against Apple TV, Amazon Studios and other production studios earlier this month over the companies’ claims failed to pay their background actors properly.

The class action lawsuit argues that the companies failed to provide their background actors with adequate overtime pay, meal and rest breaks, accurate wage statements and on-time pay.

The lawsuit also argues that Apple TV and Amazon Studios did not reimburse the background actors for the substantial cell phone expenses they incurred for their work.

Nike does not legally accommodate breastfeeding workers, the group claims

A former Nike employee filed a class action lawsuit against the company in May over her claims failed to provide California mandated accommodations for its postpartum employees and female nurses who returned to work but still needed to pump breast milk.

The class action lawsuit argues that Nike does not provide lactating workers with reasonable rest time and a place that is private, protected and close to their workplace where they can sit and pump milk.

Breastfeeding mothers who do not have adequate support in the workplace are at increased risk of early weaning, illness and/or infection, and job loss. Therefore, it is essential that workplaces provide a safe lactation space for breastfeeding mothers, the Nike class action says.

Amazon discriminated against workers who took maternity leave, the lawsuit says

A former Amazon artificial intelligence researcher filed a lawsuit against Amazon.com Services and two of its managing agents last month over the company’s claims. discriminated against her after receiving the pregnancy leave.

The employee argues that the alleged discrimination came after Amazon made a push to grab ChatGPT and other AI technologies from competing tech companies, and that the company asked her to violate copyright laws as part of its bid to push her efforts forward.

Amazon eventually placed the worker on a formal performance improvement plan that required her to meet impossible standards within a short period, the Amazon class action alleges.

Smoothstack underpaid, failed to pay workers during training, class action claims

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Smoothstack earlier this month over claims the company either underpaid or failed to pay its workers entirely during a six-month training program.

The complaint argues that Smoothstack also required workers to pay a $24,000 penalty if they failed to meet the company’s billable hour requirements of 4,000 hours of client work.

Smoothstack boasts that its training program only has an 8% completion rate on its website for clients, as if that number is competitive because of the high-quality training, the class action says. In reality, recruits are overworked and underpaid for a substandard training program.

Walmart violated biometric privacy law with fingerprint scanners, class action says

A former Walmart worker filed a class-action lawsuit against the retailer in April over allegations that the company required its employees to provide them with fingerprint data without obtaining the necessary consent. as required by Illinois law.

The class action lawsuit argues that Walmart violated Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act requiring employees to scan their fingerprints for timekeeping and payroll purposes.

Fingerprint scans are unique, permanent biometric identifiers associated with each user that cannot be changed or replaced if stolen or compromised, Walmart’s class action lawsuit said.

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